After completing her education to become sculptress at the city academy Maastricht and subsequently the academy of forming arts, Leny van Elk focused her work on the fragile art of watercolours, systematically searching the specific qualities of watercolour and the colours that are at its primary bases.

Leny is someone of subtle gesture. Her art is characterized by modesty and delicacy. In her work she aspires to clarity with an increased simplicity of imagery. Hereby she uses elementary shapes. It is the combination of the intensity of colour and monochrome, the sober balanced composition that creates a space of tranquillity, a space of contemplation. These work ethics are in line with the long tradition of colour planes in the work of the Modernism, abstract- geometrical art and systematic colour exploration. Colour is central in the artwork. It is a constant exploration of the question how colours and colour nuances complement each other and work together. This exploration occurs through working in series and subsequent colour comparison, by creating a variety of colour options and the combination of these colours. These subsequent little steps are an important part of the process to achieve the concluding composition

The watercolour technique is not based on colour pigment being adhered by glue but relies on colour pigment diluted in water to be absorbed by the paper; this gives the watercolour images a transparent appearance. Leny uses the properties of the watercolour process of absorption by repeating the process endlessly; and gets the paper completely saturated with colour pigments. The result is a matt non-transparent texture. The planes are used as background to be further developed. The colour nuances and layering create an intriguing, immaterial depth to the artwork.